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The Bicycle Partnership Program has partnerships with cities and civil society organisations in India (Nanded, Pune). The BPP is also:


IndiaAsian countries like India have a strong tradition of bicycle use for utilitarian purposes. This tradition, however, is being threatened by emerging motorisation encroaching road conditions for cyclists. Also, in Asia, cycling is considered to be a poor man’s vehicle and has an accordingly low status. In fact, cyclists, in these cities are captive riders and it is not a mode of choice. Consequently, increasing income levels are leading to lower cycle use. Unsafe road conditions are leading to modal shifts to motorized modes too. All these factors are together causing a significant drop in the modal share of cycling, especially in the urban areas. This ongoing decline of cycling would be detrimental for the unhindered mobility of large parts of the population and contribute to air quality and congestion problems in the city. The challenge in this region is to maintain existing levels of cycling by stopping the decline. To a certain extent this is the same challenge the Netherlands faced in the 1970’s.


The rapid urbanization in Asia, and increasing investments in transport projects are creating both the opportunity and the need to ensure that cycling friendly policies and infrastructure are included in this development and not wiped out by it. In India, for example, under the aegis of the Jawaharlal Nehru Urban Renewal Mission (JNNURM), 63 cities are being supported by the National government to upgrade their infrastructure. On an average most cities are requisitioning 60-75% of the funds for investment in transport infrastructure. This scheme has created the opportunity to work with city governments to ensure that cycling friendly infrastructure is included in the transport improvement projects.

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