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For the funding of CSO projects, I-CE cooperates with Dutch civil society organisations:


  • CosCOS Netherlands coordinates the campaign "Fietsen Scoort" (Cycling Scores), which aims to stimulate bicycle use in the Netherlands. Dutch employers connected to "fietsen scoort", donate a set amount for each kilometer their employees cycle to work. With the proceeds, a number of I-CE projects are supported.


  • Cycling out of povertyCycling out of poverty is a Dutch foundation engaging in fund raising for bicycle micro finance projects. I-CE and Cycling out of poverty have complementary work fields: Cycling out of poverty works with bicycles, I-CE with expertise. The partnership exists of capacity building and knowledge exchange of the African bicycle micro finance organisations.


  • IgangaIganga Foundation is a foundation that is linked to the consultancy firm Goudappel Coffeng as a framework for corporate social responsibility. Iganga Foundation funds the involvement of experts within the network and provides financial support to activities of I-CE's partner CSOs. 


  • Ov-fietsOV-fiets is a Dutch foundation providing rental bikes at a large number of railway stations in the Netherlands making use of a simple registration system. I-CE and OV-fiets partner on the field of knowledge exchange of re-using written of rental bikes in Africa.


  • Derde werled werkplaatsThe Third World Workshop is a Dutch organisation that aims to (1) contribute to the sustainable development of socially and economically vulnerable people in developing countries, (2) to provide development-opportunities for socially and economically vulnerable people in our own country that do not participate in the labour market due to various reasons, (3) to reduce waste by recycling goods,  (4) to make our society aware of the economically disadvantaged and dependent position of people in the Third World, by recycling and repairing used goods. I-CE and the Third World Workshop partner on the field of knowledge exchange of re-using written of rental bikes in Africa.
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