Bicycle Partnership Program

Rationale of the BPP
Cycling and proverty reduction
Aims of the BPP
Intervention strategies
Capacity building
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Latin America
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The Bicycle Partnership Program is mainly funded by the Dutch Ministry of Cooperative Development through a subsidy of €4.4 million for the period of 2007 to 2010.


I-CE complements this subsidy through:

  • match-funding with other pluriannual programs using donor funds (e.g. the SUMA program of the CAI-Asia Centre, the World Bank Regional Urban Sustainable Transport project in Latin America using GEF funds,
  • co-funding through public authorities in developing countries which participate in the BPP program,
  • contributions from Dutch consultancies in the framework of corporate social responsibility (CSR),
  • sponsoring,
  • campaigning amongst the Dutch public by other social organizations,
  • individuals and organizations participate with either free or low-cost contributions.
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