Bicycle Partnership Program

Rationale of the BPP
Cycling and proverty reduction
Aims of the BPP
Intervention strategies
Capacity building
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Strategic Alliances
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Latin America
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Capacity building for civil society organisation

- ’Learning by doing’
The BPP supports a number of civil society organisations with the execution of specific projects. The project area is agreed upon between I-CE and the CSO, and takes into account the current city process and also the targets set regarding the CSOs capacities (showing the aspects the CSO needs capacity building onto). The support regards financial support for the execution of specific activities.


- ’Learning by training’
Another form of support to civil society organisations is 'learning by training’. The BPP funds, organises and/or coordinate trainings of civil society organisations on specific topics. For instance, a number of trainings have taken place for civil society organisations working on bicycle micro finance projects. Another form of training facilitated by the BPP is institutional capacity building of a CSO.


- ’Learning by exchange’
There is great value in direct south-south exchange. I-CE underlines this by supporting this south-south exchange between CSOs. The partner CSOs have indicated that south-south exchange works best in a regional context, within an international framework. The BPP supports south-south exchange by funding, organising and/or coordinating meetings with civil society organisations. The BPP also supports this south-south exchange by providing a webspace for exchange.

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