Bicycle Partnership Program

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Cycling and proverty reduction
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Focus regions

The demand for support and in particular transfer of expertise exists in Africa, Asia and Latin America. To respond to this demand in the most efficient way, the Bicycle Partnership Program follows a regional approach and matches with regional programs.


Focus countries and regions are:

  • India, where the Locomotives program (2003-2006) partners have initiated a collaborative venture of cities and civil society organisations (CSOs) for capacity-building and integrated planning
  • Brazil, with a strong group of CSOs united in a federal organisation and where a national program runs for the implementation of cycling policies: "Bicicleta Brazil"
  • South Africa, where the national government, cities and CSOs develop programs for bicycle affordability and bicycle planning; in South Africa, the World Cup Soccer 2010 provides an opportunity to develop cycling-inclusive infrastructure investments which have to be made in prevision of the event.
  • East Africa, where a number of CSOs exist with a strong demand for support, amongst other reasons in view of the definition of a specific African Agenda for the development of cycling policies.
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