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Cycling-Inclusive Policy Development: A Handbook


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icon  Imprint, Foreword (by Dutch Minister for Development Cooperation Bert Koenders) Introduction to readers (by the editors), co-authors biographies and full tables of contents* (983.75 kB)
*(please note that the co-authors biographies and full table of contents appear in the last pages of the full document.)


icon Chapter 1: Introduction: Learning from others successes and failures (750.49 kB)
(by Hans de Jong and Anke Rouwette)


icon Chapter 2: From car-based to people-centred cities (2.51 MB)
(By Tom Godefrooij, Hans de Jong and Anke Rouwette)


icon Chapter 3: Ideas that shape urban form – and how urban form shapes us (1.56 MB)

(by Steven Schepel and Mark Zuidgeest)


icon Chapter 4: Getting organised: managing and implementing the policy-making process (1.17 MB)

(by Tom Godefrooij, Hans de Jong and André Pettinga)


icon Chapter 5: Five main requirements for cycling-inclusive infrastructure (1.75 MB)
(by Dirk Kuijper and Bas Braakman)


icon Chapter 6: Identifying bicycle networks for better cities (1.03 MB)

(by Mark Zuidgeest, Anke Rouwette and Hans de Jong)


icon Chapter 7: Design: making choices that fit local conditions (1.9 MB)
(by Steven Schepel, Tom Godefrooij and Bas Braakman)


icon Chapter 8: Designing for cycling makes residential and central business district streets better - for all (1.51 MB)
(by Steven Schepel)


icon Chapter 9: Designing for cycling along main roads and highways (1.38 MB)
(by Steven Schepel and Bas Braakman)


icon Chapter 10: Bicycle parking: tools for success (2.12 MB) (by Inekle Spapé and Tom Godefrooij)


icon Chapter 11: Building a multi-modal transport system: integrating cycling and public transportation (2.63 MB)
(by Carlosfelipe Pardo and Lake Sagaris)


icon Chapter 12: Cycling-friendly regulations for sustainable cities (1.85 MB)
(by Carlosfelipe Pardo)


icon Chapter 13: Social marketing and citizens’ participation: good relationships build better cycling facilities (1.06 MB)
(by Roelof Wittink)


icon Chapter 14: Education, awareness building and advocacy (491.63 kB)
(by Roelof Wittink)


icon Chapter 15: researching cycling needs and possibilities (1.49 MB)
(by Mark Zuidgeest, Anke Rouwette and Roland Kager)


icon Glossary (751.67 kB)
(compiled by Lake Sagaris)**
**(please note that the full document continues with the biographies of co-authors and full tables of contents, which have been placed here with the introductory chapters above).

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