Bicycle Partnership Program

Rationale of the BPP
Cycling and proverty reduction
Aims of the BPP
Intervention strategies
Capacity building
Focus regions
Strategic Alliances
Regional Activities
Latin America
BPP team
Strategic Alliances
  • In Asia, the programming is shared with the Clean Air Initiatives for Asian Cities. The BPP is matched with the CAI-Asia SUMA program. This match consists of: setting up a training handbook for training, assistance to two Indian Cities, a draft component for an Asian manual on cycling and a draft position paper on cycling in India
  • In Latin America, the BPP program cooperates with the World Bank and Clean Air Initiatives for Latin America who coordinate a Regional Urban Sustainable Transport project in Latin America.
  • In Africa there is no existing regional program to match the BPP program. In 2008, I-CE will explore strategic alliances with other international (donor) organisations and networks to add more substance to a regional African agenda for cycle-inclusive planning).
    One of the first steps in this process will be the exploring of the opportunity to link in with the Global Alliance for Eco-Mobility led by ICLEI Local Governments for Sustainability. Furthermore, possibilities to involve Dutch Embassies with Development Corporation mandate and international and regional development agencies will be explored.
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