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Set up project team Cycling inclusive planning, 1-14 november 2008

Set up project team Cycling inclusive planning, 1-14 November 2008
In November 2008 Roelof Wittink, director of I-CE, and city officials of both twin cities Tema-Ashaiman and Sekondi-Takoradi, signed a Memorandum of Understanding for partnership with I-CE. During the same week, a process started with a project team on Cycling Inclusive Planning in each of the twin cities Tema-Ashaiman and Sekondi-Takoradi. During the first meetings two I-CE experts, Arjen Jaarsma and Marieke de Wild, where there to guide the process in interactive training sessions.


Tema-Sekondi, GhanaIn the project teams of both twin cities various stakeholders are represented. During an introduction meeting they formulated their most important challenges. The outcome was:
1. finances for implementation of cycling inclusive policies;
2. education / awareness of all road users (including change of mind set among motorists);
3. signs and markings for specific lanes (bicycle, bus);
4. intersections for bicycles;
5. enforcement / education of police;
6. bicycle as vehicle, such as lighting;
7. getting the right contractors (land marking, street furniture, etc);
8. place for bicycle is taken over by pedestrians and hawkers (especially in the market area);
9. no safe bicycle parking facilities (especially in the market area);
10. road safety of cyclists, also at night;
11. ownership to construct facilities;
12. lack of space (within design) for cyclist;
13. bylaws for instance on lighting at night;
14. support and corporation of the people;
15. promotion measures at companies.


Both project teams have a chairperson who will organise the project group to get toghether and get technical people from Department of Urban Roads and representatives of relevant departments involved. The work groups will make an action plan (based on a bicycle network vision they will first develop) including a timeframe. Both groups will decide in cooperation with I-CE about a follow up work visit for technical expertise from the Netherlands.

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