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Project support of I-CE to IDS February 07 - June 08

Increasing bicycle use in India (Project support of I-CE to IDS February 07 - June 08)
In India, the bicycle is of vital importance for low-income citizens to go to and from work. For that reason, a campaign has been organized with the objective to develop bicycle use as an integral part of transport policies and to raise more interest and space for the bike in the city. The publication of promotional documents, the organization of bike races and workshops where cyclists, policy makers and engineers meet to implement innovative initiatives should result in greater visibility and use of the bicycle. Which is particularly important in this period of very rapid economic growth where main transport investments concern the creation and widening of motorways and tend to exclude cyclists and pedestrians more and more.


IndiaThe Institute for Democracy and Sustainability (IDS) carried out a research on cyclists in Delhi in 2004 and 2005. Results served as a basis for a bicycle promotion campaign developed with I-CE's financial support. The campaign is held in Noida, a Delhi suburb. Three target groups have been identified: schoolchildren and their parents, people working in the city and policymakers. In five different Noida neighbourhoods one school is selected, mainly schools with a high percentage of pupils from low-income families with a high proportion of bicycle use. In these participating schools and the companies the adults work in, promotion packages have been distributed with information documents, stickers, a bike reflector, bicycle cap,...


All participants are asked to fill out evaluation forms; results are collected and studied during meetings with policymakers, planners, transport authorities, police and other interested parties. The main problem, of course is how city infrastructure can be made more bicycle-friendly and how bike use can be encouraged and increased. Schoolchildren, workers, employees and other cyclists get the opportunity to submit their problems, questions and ideas directly to the authorities present at those meetings. Through these discussions, IDS hopes to initiate a regular dialogue between bicycle users and authorities. IDS also wishes to create a Resource Centre for information and data on non-motorized traffic and vehicles available to advocacy groups in other cities in India.


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