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Furthermore, under the BPP a manual traject started in Chile. More information:



Santiago, the Chilean capital, is home to 40% of the country’s population, accounts for 48% of its GDP, and suffers daily from the social, environmental and other impacts that results from it containing 43.4% of all cars. More than 4,000 people die prematurely every year, due to particle, ozone and other kinds of air pollutions, largely produced by transportation, particularly cars. Governance is fragmented into 52 municipal jurisdictions, while the regional government is not directly elected by the city’s people. This makes planning difficult, particularly when it comes to the major challenges facing cities today: urban waste and transportation.


More than 85% of Chileans live in towns and cities, so the challenge of making them more socially just, environmentally friendly and sustainable is vital to the country’s future. Nonetheless, in the 1990s the country embarked on major highway building, based on the US model of low-density, heavily private car dependent urban development.


Social equity is a major transport issue, though, since the current modal split (according to the last Origin-Destination survey, 2001) indicates that of daily commutes, most (36.5%) are done on foot, followed by bus (26%), private car (24%), metro (4.5%), taxi (3.8%) and 2% bicycle. In recent years, interest in cycling has flourished, however, and authorities are increasingly committed to building new, cycling-inclusive and active-transport friendly facilities throughout the country, and is working with citizens’ groups to make sure these are of suitable quality.


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