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Brasil has 5.562 municipalities distributed along its 8,5 millions of km2. Eighty two percent of the 170 million inhabitants live in urban areas. Eventhough Rio de Janeiro and Curitiba are the cities with some cycling infrastructure, no Brazilian city can be cited as a good urban environment for cycling and walking.


Brasil started its National Policy for Bicycles in the seventies, when the Ministry of Transport, via the Brazilian Enterprise of Transport Planning (GEIPOT) developed studies and projects of cycling infrastructure and published a bicycle policy in 1976: "Cycling Planning Manual, a Policy for the Bicycles" (Manual de Planejamento Cicloviário, uma Política para as Bicicletas). Until early eighties this policy was put in place coinciding with a fast growing motorization. With a gap of almost 20 years, in 2003, the newly created Ministry of Cities adopts the urban national policy. Via its National Secretariat of Transport and Urban Mobility, it creates the Brazilian Program on Bicycle Mobility called Bicicleta Brasil, in 2004. BPP has been working in partnership with Bicicleta Brasil, delivering training courses, workshops, lectures, participating in the process.
Besides this policy move, there is also a move on the development of Bicycle Advocacy going on in the country. This started in the early eighties, when in São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro civil society groups organized regular bike rides asking for safe cycling.
The Bicycle Industry in Brasil is strong, with a formal production of 6 million units. The sector is represented by Instituto Pedala Brasil, an entity that congregates the associations of industry and commerce of bicycles and products. 

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