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Lima is the former capital of the old Spanish Viceroyalty – El Virreinato in Spanish- in South America. The historical inner city contains buildings of splendid architecture which triggers your imagination. But there is no time for daydreaming. Before you know you will get overdriven.


Busses, microbuses, trucks and cars dominate the city. Because of the age of these vehicles the air is frightinly bad in large parts of the city. The use of motorised transport is heavily stimulated: long, wide avenues link far away neighbourhoods directly with the city centre and give the map of the city its characteristic butterfly-form. In the median strip of some avenues cycle paths were constructed. Sometimes at the cost of green area. During cycling a head ache caused by the bad air is always ensured.


Lima has a wonderful coastline, called the Costa Verde (Green Coast). On top of the cliffs of more then 150 meters above sea level there is a magnificent view overseas. On the inner part of the beach a motorway is situated, being an impregnable barrier for cyclists and pedestrians. To go to sea you need a car.


Lima is made for cycling, if a city should be invented with prime conditions for cycling, it would be Lima. It never rains, it is always clouded, there is little wind and the temperature varies between 16 and 26 degrees Celsius. A vast area of the city is plane, the mountains are isolated, non inhabited elements in the city fabric.


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