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ParisarParisar was one of the first NGOs set up in Pune devoted to issues of the Environment and Development. It was founded in1982 with the objective of spreading environmental awareness in the city. Parisar started from an environmental vision. However in the last two or three decades, the growing problems created by Urban Transport have become the most threatening environmental dangers for urban centres in most developing countries. This is why Parisar has increasingly been drawn into issues of Urban Transportation Policy – particularly advocacy for NMT and Public Transport.


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Pune must become a cycling city again (Project support of I-CE to Parisar April 08 - April 09)
If Pune, India becomes a city for cyclists again - as it was the case until the mid nineteen nineties - it will be due to the joint efforts of Parisar, created in the early nineteen eighties and I-CE, supporting the local organization.  Set up by citizens worried by the city's environment and liveability decline, Parisar now strongly lobbies for the City Council to include the bicycle in its new masterplan and for a municipal commitment to provide cycling infrastructure and facilities. At the same time, the organization convinces the Pune population to use the bicycle and see its many benefits for themselves and the city.


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