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The Bicycle Partnership Program (BPP) assists local authorities, civil society organisations (CSOs) and other partners in creating or improving a local process making it possible to use a bicycle as a means of transportation. The BPP aims at promoting cycling, based on cycling inclusive planning, which can make a significant contribution to fighting poverty, improving urban mass mobility at low cost and traffic safety in a sustainable environment and more generally, the quality of life. The Bicycle Partnership Program is executed by I-CE, a Dutch foundation, which operates in developing countries as an organization contributing to the development of these emerging countries through specific programs. The Bicycle Partnership Program 2007-2010 is the successor of the LOCOMOTIVES program.

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Cycling with honourable people



Dutch bicycle culture in Brazil tv




Work vist to Joinville (Brazil)


In a work vist to Joinville (Brazil) in November 2008 Jaap Rijnsburger visited the Tupy bicicletario and discussed some ideas about increasing the capacity by means of elevated racks. Currently at Dutch railway stations a programme is implemented to upgrade bicycle parking areasin which innovated type of elevated bicycle racks was introduced.


"Introduction to the Bicycle World" by TA

In another partnership with local government Transporte Ativo joined the city of Rio municipality to help on cycling awareness and education. They werk together Cet-Rio (traffic Engineering Company), Environment and Health departments, each one with a different approach to the bikes.



Bringing community and city planners together in Rio de Janeiro (Project support I-CE to Transporte Ativo July ‘09 – June ‘10)

Rio is the second largest city in Brazil counting 6 million inhabitants. This population owns a fleet of approximately 4 million bicycles. The number of kilometres covered by bicycle each year increases gradually. The in 2003 founded organisation Transporte Ativo (TA), with the objective to make the city more liveable and bicycle-friendly, is in the process of strengthening the position of the bike considerably. With I-CE's assistance, Transporte Ativo is carrying out a number of activities to promote a cycling friendly Rio.



Urban Matters work week Kisumu (Kenya) 27 September - 3 October 

From 27 September to 3 October 2009 Cordaid organised a work week in Kisumu as part of the Urban Matters programme. During this week different stakeholders who are working on developing the neighbourhood Manyatta were brought together to link their activities and come up with a joint strategy and action plan. Marieke de Wild (I-CE's CSO coordinator) participated in the thematic group on urban transport.

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